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5 Endangered Animals So Ugly They’re Cute

They may gross you out, but they look cute doing it.

teens texting

Get A Confidence Boost...Via Text

Sign up today.

11 Environmental Memes

Memes to get you to take action (and laugh).

DoSomething Helps Kick Off "Bing Summer of Doing"

How we kicked off summer.

paper cranes

Paper Cranes For Japan Up For Award

Why the campaign is being recognized.

teens on computer

How Do You Stand Up To A Faceless Bully?

What some websites are enabling.

Nina Dobrev Wants YOU to Wear Protection

See what she's singing about SPF.

4th of July Do’s and Don’ts

Have fun while staying safe.

11 Freedom Firsts

Historical firsts that made us an awesome country.

beauty pageant

Pageants: Good or Bad?

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?