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Why We Look So British

What's with the Union Jack all over the site?

basketball team

5 Ways Your Basketball Team Can Be All Stars

...for doing good.

Text for Baby

1 in 3 Girls Will Have This Happen To Her

More likely than getting into Harvard or winning the lotto.

patient visiting doctor

Cheat Sheet: Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

What it means for you.

Teen looking at the camera in a library

Get Better Financial Education In Your School

Get financial education. Get the chance at a scholarship.

alicia keys

11 Women Who Are Kicking Ass

Which celebs and regular gals made the list.


9-Year-Old Swims From Alcatraz to San Fran

Jaw-dropping deets on the cause she's supporting.


Cheat Sheet: Who Was Rodney King?

A civil rights symbol of our time.

teens playing video games

Video Games, A New Way of Living?

Is "gamification" the future of video games?

Teen with dad

Last Minute Father's Day Activities

Hike, plant, play sports and more.