Bikers help fight animal cruelty

A pack of tattooed bikers may not be the crowd you expect to see volunteering at your local animal shelter – but it turns out some of them have a real soft spot for animals. The New York Times reports on a group of bikers, called Rescue Ink, who work full time investigating cases of animal abuse.

The men started by volunteering at shelters and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Toward Animals and soon found themselves trying to solve cases of missing or abused animals. These days in addition to working at their regular jobs, members of the group are fielding up to 250 calls a day from concerned animal lovers.

Next month, they’re taking their show on the road, going into schools to educate kids about being kind to animals. They want to teach kids to respect all animals, cute or not, so they're bringing along Elwood, a small, hairless Chihuahua mix named the World’s Ugliest Dog.

You can help prevent animal abuse too. Apply for the Do Something/ ASPCA Animal Action Grant and get $500 to help protect animals in your area.

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