BRICK Winner may replace Tavis Smiley

Van Jones, a 1996 BRICK Award (now the Do Something Award) winner, may be replacing Tavis Smiley, one of America’s most celebrated and respected media personalities, as commentator on the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Do Something saw the potential of this rising star way back in 1996 when he won a BRICK for founding and directing the San Francisco-based Bay Area Police Watch, an organization that assists survivors of police misconduct and brutality.

For years Van Jones is working to combine solutions to America's two biggest problems: social inequality and environmental destruction. In 1996, Van founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Named for an unsung civil rights heroine, the Center promotes alternatives to violence and incarceration.

Van is also a national environmental leader, having served on the boards the National Apollo Alliance, Social Ventures Network, Rainforest Action Network, Bioneers and Julia Butterfly Hill's "Circle of Life" organization. Van's dual roles have given him a unique perspective on the country's problems and its potential solutions. He is calling for green economic development for urban America.

Van Jones is the founder and president Green For All, based in Oakland, California. The mission is to help build an inclusive, green economy - strong enough to lift millions of people out of poverty. Van is a tireless advocate, championing "green-collar jobs and opportunities" for disadvantaged people. He is committed to creating "green pathways out of poverty," while greatly expanding the coalition fighting global warming.

A 1993 Yale Law graduate, he is also a husband and father. A rising star, Van champions the most hopeful solutions to America's toughest challenges.