Chicago Students Skip School to Protest

Thousands of Chicago students plan to skip school Tuesday in an attempt to convince lawmakers to improve school funding. The students and their families say they are frustrated that students who live in richer communities have better classrooms and equipment. Chicago Public Schools spent $11,300 per student last year - while New Trier High School, located in a wealthy area, spent $17,500 a student.

Led by State Senator James Meeks and a group of 85 pastors, the students will board buses and attempt to register at two wealthy districts Tuesday.

The head of Chicago’s public school system is criticizing the protest. Chicago schools CEO Arne Duncan says:

Any adult that tells their child not to go to school sends that child down a path that is self-destructive. Yes, we are desperately underfunded. Yes, we need to challenge that status quo. But let me be clear. Adults should fight that battle. Children should be in school.

What do you think – are the students doing the right thing or should they leave it up to their parents?