Fighting for marriage

The debate about whether gay marriage will remain legal in California got physical on Sunday, when a supporter of Proposition 8, the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in the state, was attacked, while volunteering for “Yes on 8,” a group devoted to defining marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

The supporter, Jose Nunez was about to distribute lawn signs to other Prop 8 supporters after a church service when he was assaulted. He suffered a bloody eye, wounds to his face, and received 16 stitches under his eye. Nunez, a native of Mexico who will be voting in his first U.S. election this November, said that the attack only strengthens his resolve to help Prop. 8 pass.

Chip White, the “Protect on 8” campaign press secretary said, “It’s outrageous that the ‘No’ campaign calls themselves the voice of tolerance and moderation and wants people to feel bad for supporting Prop. 8. There was nothing tolerant or moderate about beating up Jose.”

Campaigns for and against Prop. 8, which will be voted on Nov. 4, are gearing up and people are obviously passionate about their beliefs on both sides.

Below, check out celeb and gay rights activist, Ellen Degeneres giving us her point of view on Prop 8.

And let us know – do you think it’s ever ok to use violence to promote your point of view?