Insane Usain Breaks World Record

When Olympic athlete Usain Bolt prepared himself for the 200 meter race, the gold medal was the last thing on his mind. Beating the world record for the fastest time was. And that he did.

Hands in the air, chest heaving, he passed the finish line at 19.30 seconds and broke Michael Johnson’s 12 year record! Bolt forged the greatest race ever run yesterday and made Olympic history.

“I just blew my mind and the world’s mind,” Bolt said.

Officially he won be an insane 0.66 seconds over American Shawn Crawford, who finished 0.52 after Bolt. It doesn’t stop there either.

He added the 19.39, which was 0.02 better than Michael Johnson’s old record, to the 9.69 he ran four nights prior at the 100 meter race.

“I’ve been dreaming of this since I was yea high,” he said. So it means a lot more to me than the 100 meters.”