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Sneak Peak: Demi Lovato Singing "Skyscraper" at #DSawards

Get More: Demi Lovato, Do Something Awards, Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, Top Songs Oh that voice...

Bethany Hamilton

Q&A Exclusive: Surfer Bethany Hamilton Talks Shark Attack, World-Wide Traveling, and Hollywood Hunks

Shark Week might've left you terrified of the ocean, so we've got a story to inspire you to get...

Foster The People

Foster The People Tour for Good

Foster The People, the red-hot band set to perform at this year's Do Something Awards, are helping...

Eminem Taylor Swift Pink Lady Gaga Rise Against Katy Perry

VMA's First-Ever 'Best Video With a Message' Nominees Announced

MTV has announced the first-ever "Best Video With a Message" category. The special category, in...

Kristen Bell Do Something Awards

Celeb Presenters for the Do Something Awards Announced!

Celebs Gone Good has been keeping you in the loop about the hottest stars appearing at this year's...

Jared Eng

Just Jared Spreading More than Gossip

Jared Eng, celebrity blogger who runs Just Jared, is dishing out more than just the hottest...

Michelle Obama and Daniel Radcliffe

Michelle Obama, Daniel Radcliffe 'Joining Forces' to Thank Military Families

Reported by MTV act Daniel Radcliffe and the First Lady joining forces?! How magical. Michelle...

Bella Thorne

Q&A Exclusive: Bella Thorne Opens Up About Dyslexia, Being Bullied

Her advice on how to help end bullying.

Demi Lovato Skyscraper

Demi Lovato to Perform "Skyscraper" Live at the Do Something Awards

The Do Something Awards, Vh1 and's awards show that honors amazing people...

Snooki Jayson Blair Farrah

Quiz: Name the Issues MTV Stars Care About

Reported by MTV ACT We take a look back at what some of your MTV faves said about taking action....