Obama and McCain raise record $ in August

With election day just seven weeks away, Obama and McCain announced that they both raised record breaking figures in August.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama raised $66 million, illustrating his continuing appeal to donors and his robust outreach to new contributors. By comparison, Republican presidential nominee John McCain raised $47 million. The monthly figures for both candidates were especially noteworthy because August is typically a slow month for fundraising.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times decided to call the candidates to see if they live up to their bipartisan claims. With calls for change in Washington dominating the campaign, both Obama and McCain have claimed the mantle of bipartisanship, but the analysis by WT of their legislative records found that McCain’s claim is more accurate.

Over his Senate career, McCain his voted with the majority of Senate Republicans about 85% of the time, while in this three years in the Senate, Obama has voted with his party 97% of the time.

McCain has gone against his party on a number of issues including climate change, campaign-finance overhaul, immigration, a patients’ bill of rights, gun control and tax cuts.

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