Obama picks Senator Joe Biden as running mate

With the Democratic National Convention only days away, Barack Obama announced his running mate for Vice President, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

What This Means

Biden gives the Obama ticket some old-school Washington appeal. Despite his experience, he's kind of known for running his mouth. He definitely has a sense of humor though - check out the YouTube clip below.

Quick facts on JB

  • He was first elected to the Senate at only 29
  • His first wife and daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident
  • He remarried a teacher a few years later
  • He has 3 kids - Hunter, Beau and Ashley
  • He's been a Senator for 36 years
  • He's the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • He sponsored Clinton's huge Crime Bill that banned assault weapons in the U.S. (which wasn't renewed by the Bush administration).
  • He unsuccessfully ran for President twice - including this year
  • He got his Law degree from Syracuse University


  • A woman's right to choose
  • Universal health care
  • Increased public school funding
  • More restrictions on access to firearms
  • Fighting global warming and increasing fuel efficiency
  • Civil unions for gay couples
  • Allowing gay people to serve openly in the military
  • Hate Crime legislation
  • Increased taxes for the wealthiest Americans

SO - What do you think about Joe???

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