Teen Pregnancy On The Campaign Trail

John McCain's VP nominee Sarah Palin announced today that her 17 year old daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant. Palin also said that her daughter plans to marry the father of the baby and that she has the love and support of her parents.

America saw it's first increase (though small) in the teen pregnancy rate since it began dropping from a peak in 1991. Experts predict that over 750,000 teenage girls will become pregnant this year.

McCain's aides are insisting that he knew about this before choosing her. It's also come out that she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for two years in the 90's, which has pushed that Alaska should secede from the US, and that Mr. Palin was arrested 22 years ago on a drunken-driving charge. It's all making some Republican's ask what the process of choosing a VP even was.

But top Republicans aren't the only ones asking questions. The debate has started across the country - was she wrong to enter the national spotlight during such a difficult time for her daughter or is it a personal issue? Is all this drama and a new baby of her own with Down's Syndrome too much for someone to handle along with the Vice Presidency? As an Evangelical Christian, is she a great mother for supporting her daughter as she carries the baby to term or a bad mother for allowing the pregnancy to happen? Is this just another sign that abstinence-only education just doesn't work or a push that we should enforce it more?

Barack Obama has said that he doesn't comment on family issues of other politicians. What do you think?

One thing is for certain - everyone feels bad for Bristol Palin during all of this!

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