Super Sweet Teens Get "Exiled"

MTV’s newest reality show, “Exiled” maybe all about rich kids, but this time it’s got a twist. The show takes teenagers from “My Super Sweet 16” and “gives them a reality check” by sending them to remote poverty stricken locations.

In the first episode, Amanda, who had a $200,000 Sweet 16 party in 2003, is sent to Kenya, where she spends a week with the Masai, a semi-nomadic African tribe who raise cattle. Not surprisingly, she spends most of her time there complaining - about the smell, the food, and the work. It isn’t until the end of her trip that she finds she finds she actually has something in common with her host Josephine and her friends – music. Amanda almost seems to be enjoying herself when she spends an evening dancing to American and African music, and before she leaves, she is given a traditional Masai name, Nadupoi, which means "awareness.”

Last night’s episode sent 20-year-old Beverly Hills girl, Ava, to the jungles of Thailand. At first it seemed global studies major Ava would fare better than Amanda, but that quickly fell apart when Ava insulted her host family by refusing to eat with them and then tried to pay her host Ladee $100 to finish cleaning up elephant poop without her. At the end of the episode, Ava says she has learned a lot, but quickly follows that up by telling her parents she just doesn’t think she could go and build houses in remote parts of the world.

The show’s executive producer Dave Sirulnick tells Newsweek that its purpose is to encourage an awareness of the other cultures.

People will see the dignity they have, the wonderful cultural traditions they have, things that they wouldn't otherwise see, especially on MTV.

But some people writing into MTV’s comment boards don’t seem to agree. MedusaQ had this to say:

This show is a joke. to reform any of these spoiled brats' ways of thinking requires a year or more in a more earthy, tribal culture. psychologically, she has to forget what everything else was like first. this show is a pathetic attempt at "helping" anyone grow. it's disgusting.

We want to know what you think - does this show help open your mind or is it just a more exotic version of "The Simple Life”?