Across the Ocean on Plastic Bottles

Two men who spent three months on a raft made of plastic bottles to raise awareness of ocean pollution have completed their trip across the Pacific Ocean.

The men traveled 2,600 miles on what they called “The Junk Raft” - a raft made up of salvaged sailboat masts, the fuselage of a Cessna airplane and six pontoons filled with 15,000 plastic bottles.

The men ran low on food supplies during the trip and got caught in storms, which tore their raft apart. About two weeks in, some of the bottles that were supposed to help the raft float started to sink and they had to anchor the raft offshore and rebuild it.

Along the way they collected water samples to measure the amount of the debris on the ocean surface and caught fish with stomachs filled with plastic pieces.

The team hopes to visit schools around Hawaii and share their experience. They are also working on a documentary about the trip to raise public awareness of the danger of plastics.

Learn more about how you can keep plastic out of the ocean by recycling.

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