The DNC: Why It Matters

The Democratic National Convention takes place in Denver this week. Here are some facts you need to know about this major political event.

Who’s there
More than 50,000 people will attend the convention including 5,000 delegates and 15,000 reporters. The youngest delegate is Minnesota's David Gilbert-Pederson, 17, and the oldest is Sophie Masloff, 91, from Pennsylvania. California has the biggest delegation with 503 delegates, and American Samoa has the smallest with 13 delegates.

What happens
Delegates from each of the 50 states vote to select the Democratic candidates for president and vice president. The candidates and other important party leaders give speeches to present the party’s platform - the official statement of the party's position on a variety of important issues.

Why it matters
The event gives Barack Obama and the Democratic Party a chance to convince voters to elect Obama as President. It is important for his campaign to win over Hillary Clinton supporters, who may still vote for her even though she has officially dropped out of the race.  

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