Women rule Rwanda

The African nation of Rwanda is set to become the first country where women outnumber men in parliament. According to early election results, women have taken 44 out of 80 government seats so far, and that number could rise if seats reserved for the disabled and youth representatives go to females.

Rwanda already held the record for most women in parliament, last year 48.8% were women -- now that figure will now rise to 55%.

This is only the country's second parliamentary election since the genocide of 1994, when over 80,000 people were killed in just 100 days by the ruling militia.

Voter Anne Kayitesi told the BBC that having women in government is important in helping women's issues get the attention they deserve.

"You see men, especially in our culture, men used to think that women are there to be in the house, cook food, look after the children... but the real problems of a family are known by a woman and when they do it, they help a country to get much better."