Cheat Sheet: Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting


Tragedy struck Sunday night as another senseless shooting left six people dead and three wounded at a Sikh temple. Our thoughts and concerns go out to the families of the victims. For those that aren’t too sure of the terrible happening on Sunday night, we’ve put together a chronicle of the details.

What Happened:

  • The gunman entered the lobby of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple Sunday morning and began firing at priests.
  • He then walked through the temple as congregants began to flee in a panic.
  • Six people were killed and three seriously wounded.
  • The gunman was shot and killed by police in the temple’s parking lot after he fired several shots at an officer trying to help one of the victims.
  • It’s reported that the 9 mm semi-automatic handgun was legally purchased from a licensed gun dealer.
  • The shooting is being treated as an act of “domestic terrorism.”

The Suspect:

  • The gunman has been identified as Wade Michael Page, 40.
  • He’s a US Army veteran. And served as a specialist from 1992 to 1998.
  • Sources say he was discharged as a result of “patterns of misconduct.”
  • Southern Poverty Law Center officials said they’ve been tracking him for the last 10 years because of his ties to the white supremacist movement.
  • He’s been described as “a frustrated neo-Nazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band.”

What Is The Sikh Religion:

  • It was founded by Guru Nanak (who preached monotheism and equality in reaction to the Hindu caste system) in 1469.
  • There are about 27 million followers worldwide. (It's the fifth largest religion globally.)
  • Around 250,000 Sikhs currently live in the US.
  • Sikhism is a monotheistic religion. The basic Sikh belief is represented by the phrase Ik Onkar = "One God."

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