Check Out Our New 'Do Homepage

Tah-dah! After months of hard work, the has a new look. We’ve waited so long to show off our redesigned website to the world. It's time to take you through this hot new site. And don't worry—it's okay to drool over it. is now:

    More Active

  1. The Action Finder appears on every page. Get project ideas faster.
  2. A sleek number counter keeps track of impact. It continuously clocks the success of our members.
  3. Yellow buttons direct you to action. They minimize your browsing time, and make it easier to get going.

    More Organized

  4. The new member profile is your home base. It displays which club you're in, how many campaigns you've done, and more.
  5. Profile boxes help you keep track of things. Follow everything you've done and everything you've still got left to do. (No room for procrastination!)
  6. The navigation menu is interactive. See more options before you jump to a page.

    More Social

  7. Social media buttons appear more. Go ahead and brag more about what you do. ;)
  8. Facebook accounts can connect to us. (Phew. No need to find another profile pic.)
  9. A social stream box appears on every page. It keeps you up to date on what people are saying about

    More You

  10. Galleries will feature members. Upload and view pics and vids of yourself and others like you.
  11. The campaign blogs celebrate young people. Read stories about the awesome ways members are participating. (Get ready for your closeup!)

What Can You Do?

It's time to GET STARTED with the new And if you have any questions, email