Featured Club: JHS DoSomething.org Club

The PB battle is no joke. You're either team crunchy or team smooth. While, this is a very divisive subject, one thing that is for certain: peanut butter is a top necessity for shelters. In fact, it's one of the MOST requested items for food pantries. Why? Well, for starters, it's delicious and it lasts forever.

The month of April is an especially slow time for food pantries and the need is great.  One in six people in America struggles to put food on the table. Our members are doing something about this. We caught up with Jay High School Beta DoSomething.org Club about their PB drive and why their principal ended up wearing a peanut costume for a day! (FYI she's in the pic above.)

1. Who/what inspired you to create (or join) a DoSomething.org club? (What’s your club’s cause? Why? You can definitely have more than one!)

We created a Do Something club because we wanted to make a difference in our community. No other clubs in our school were doing anything so we took on that role. We also wanted to expose our members to the problems that are actually affecting our beloved community. Our club's cause is to raise awareness about local hunger. Most students have no idea that many kids sitting next to them in class have no food in their cabinets.

2. What makes your club unique?

Our club is unique because we get other clubs involved in our activities. We believe that the more clubs involved equals better results, more exposure, and more fun.

3. What is the most kickass project you've done so far?

Definitely our peanut butter drive! We collected over 200 jars of peanut butter for our local food pantry, the Santa Rosa County Food Bank. We ran the campaign with another local high school and had a contest. The school that collected the most peanut butter would make their principal dress up in a peanut costume for one full school day. We won. :)

4. Any advice for students looking to take action around issues they care about?

Find a teacher or club who shares your willingness to take action around issues. These clubs or teacher will help you whether it is getting the word out about a possible event or even help you create your own do something club.

Start a DoSomething.org club at your school. GO