Featured Club: MCCS DoSomething.org Club


Energy vampires are those little suckers that continue to use power even if a device is turned off or in standby mode. (Read: laptops, TVs, or chargers that are left plugged in.) Nationally, energy vampires waste more than $10 billion a year. That’s the equivalent of 100 billion kilowatt hours – enough to power 10 million homes for a year!

MaST Community Charter School DoSomething.org Club is slaying this issue, one vampire at a time. Check out our interview with club leader Amanda Lor below.

Who/what inspired you to create (or join) a DoSomething.org club?

My vice president, Krishna Majmundar, and I noticed that we have such an energetic and friendly group of peers. Everyone possesses the ability to pioneer creative innovations and the will to fight for causes they care about. So, we thought it would be a good idea to form a club where everyone could contribute their strengths, and get involved with the community. There was only one philanthropic club in school, but only certain members of the student body were permitted to join.

We wanted to build a club where everyone is welcome, as long as they want to do something. The idea of a club empowered solely by teens was so exciting. DoSomething.org was our golden ticket to creating the club we envisioned. Signing up was easy too! Within a week, we got school approval, more than 20 members, and the support we needed!

What makes your club unique?

What makes our club unique is how weird we are. We like to call it the "MaST Bubble." It is impossible to escape. The MaST Bubble describes how everyone in MaST shares the same geeky sense of humor or agrees on the same things that a majority of people outside the "Bubble" wouldn't. For example, on Wednesdays, the student council sells Philly soft pretzels. One day, Armen, one of our members, told me to come over and sniff a piece of pretzel. I hesitated, thinking to myself what he could possibly be up to. He kept insisting, so I gave in and sniffed it. It smelled like dough, pure uncooked pretzel dough. Armen then started to scribble on a piece of paper. He took a piece of pretzel, looked at me with this crazy look on his face, and started erasing his scribble with it! And, it WORKED! Not only did everyone find it incredibly funny, we discovered how to make erasers edible. No more getting hungry in class.

What is the most kickass project you've done so far?

The Don't Be A Sucker Campaign. Check out our video below:


Any advice for students looking to take action around issues they care about?

Students should try to cooperate with each other. You are most likely to achieve greater results when you have support, not to mention the ability to divide and conquer! Also, have an optimistic outlook, yet realistic goal. Don't let anything stop you from accomplishing amazing feats and overcoming the issues you care about.

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