Featured Club: WRHS DoSomething.org Club

Some things just go together. Chocolate + peanut butter = yes. Same with West Ranch High School and DoSomething.org. 16-year-old Eunice Hong gives us the deets on why she started a DoSomething club at her school.

Who/what inspired you to create a DoSomething.org club?

Ever since sophomore year, I wanted to find an organization that did not limit what projects the club can take on. After doing some online searching, I found Dosomething.org to be exactly what I was looking for. It had so many projects in case we ran out of ideas, but it also gave us the freedom to choose a project outside of the organization as long as we felt passionate about it. Seeing this, I knew a DoSomething Club was the right one for me.

Tell us about the most awesome sauce campaign or project you ever completed?

This semester, WRHS Do something club participated in a project called Operation: Christmas Child, a world-wide gift exchange program where you donate shoeboxes filled with gifts for kids in third world countries who do not get Christmas gifts. To fundraise, all the members gave at least 4 items to sell at a garage sale. Although we were worried we would not make enough money, we managed to raise $300 and fill 14 boxes to give to 14 very special kids. On National Collection week, we packed and sent the boxes and soon we will find out which country the boxes went to.

Tell us about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it?

Our biggest challenge was the garage sale. That was the only fundraiser we were going to do for Operation: Christmas Child [and] we needed it to be a success. But as the garage sale date grew closer, we noticed that we didn't have big items that we can make a lot of money from. We could only expect to make $100 with what we had, if we were lucky. But the officers and I brought a lot of the bigger items the night before and we managed to save the garage sale! We made close to $300 (triple the amount we expected) and were able to give gifts to 14 kids.

Any advice for other students?

My advice would be to know what project you want to take on ahead of time – things will run a lot more smoothly. But although it's great to have everything planned and ready to go, be open to new ideas your club members or your officers give you. They might have some great ideas to contribute that you never thought of!

Want to take action today? Collect jeans for homeless teens. (It's their number one requested item.) GO