Featured Club: Montgomery DoSomething.org Club

Food drives bring two thoughts to mind (at least for us anyway): canned food and the holidays. There are 50 million people in America who struggle to put food on the table. And while November-December brings an influx of food to shelters, the summer months are especially hard. Meet the Montgomery DoSomething.org Club. They're doing something about this issue and it doesn't involve cans. Check out our interview with Tiffany Iuliano, the club's 15-year-old leader,on how this group of Belle Meade, NJ teens made a huge impact in their community through the tasty goodness of a classic PB&J. 

DoSomething.org: What inspired you to create a DoSomething.org club?

Tiffany Iuliano: Just realizing that our world needs help from us, knowing that I could start this little club that can eventually help a lot of other people really inspired me to start it. Every little thing we can do will make a difference to something or in someone's life.

DS: What is your club’s cause?

TI: To make a big impact and difference in the lives of people who need help with something. We believe helping people is the greatest thing you can do. We try to do every campaign or project no matter the cause, because in the end we’re doing our main purpose which is helping people.

DS: What makes you proud to be the club leader?

TI: I am proud to be the club leader because the campaigns, either big or small, are helping out someone in this world. It's awesome to set up campaigns and projects for the rest of our club to participate in! I don't consider myself the 'solo leader' because I believe we are all leaders, coming together to help people. 

DS: What is the most kickass project or campaign that your club has done so far?

TI: Definitely the Peanut Butter and Jam Slam. We collected over 200 items and donated it to a shelter in Bridgewater. My all-time favorite memory, and, I'm sure the rest of my club would agree, was when we actually turned in the food. Not when we collected it, but when we actually gave it to the food shelter. It was my favorite memory because seeing the people's faces light up was so amazing. They told me how much they appreciated it and smiled the whole time we were bringing food in. And even just that simple thing, seeing those people smile, made it the best memory for me. Because I can see through those smiles and those tears and could just tell that they really needed it, and that they were really proud that there are actually clubs out there taking actions into their own hands, just trying to help people out.

DS: Any advice for students looking to take action on causes they care about?

TI: Just go for it. Do it with a group or do it by yourself. Set your mind on who you’re trying to help and how you can better your project. Spread the word of your project and reach out to people who can help in any way possible.

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