Glee vs Real Life: Texting And Driving

texting and driving

Glee is good at a lot of things. Pop song mash-ups, finding Rachel adult sized childrens' sweaters, and almost tragedies. Karofsky tries to commit suicide and he almost dies. Kurt's dad has a heart attack and almost dies. And tonight after a six week break (what are you trying to do to us Glee) it looks like Quinn might be another almost tragedy.

Some rumors say she'll be in a wheel chair, a very tragic outcome of her driving while texting accident, while others suggest the cheerleader will make a full recovery. No one seems to think she lost her life when she took her eyes off the road to text. This is great for Glee fans, but doesn't necessarily reflect the real life consequences texting and driving can have.

Texting and Driving: The Stats

  • 75% of teens say they've texted while driving.
  • Texting while driving makes you four times more likely to crash
  • Texting while driving has been found to be more dangerous than driving after drinking.

Putting away your cell phone can be tough. Maybe your friend just had a fight with their parents and you know they'll reach out to talk or your crush promised he'd text you later. When you hear that buzz you might be tempted just to take a quick glance. Here are some tips to ease the temptation.

  • Turn off your phone before you get in the car. If the screen is black you won't be tempted to read it.
  • Pull into a parking lot. If you're really expecting an emergency text and your phone goes off, turn into the nearest lot and park so you can read it safely.
  • Check out this photo before you hit the road. The driver was texting while driving.

What can you do?


Texting While Driving

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