Cause-y Halloween Costumes

Bring awareness to a cause this Halloween, by dressing up as an activist or do-gooder celeb.  Are you an animal rights supporter? Jane Goodall is definitely the girl to be. Or perhaps you're passionate about health & fitness?  Then don a gold medal (or eighteen...) and be Michael Phelps for the night!  Check out our seven ideas below.

  1. Kate Middleton – following in Princess Diana's footsteps, she supports all sorts of charities, particularly those that support the arts, physical activity, and people in need.  Costume Idea:  Wear a fun hat, a sophisticated dress, nude pumps, and hair extensions or a long brown wig.  
  2. Jane Goodall – one of the world’s foremost experts on chimpanzees, who has worked on conservation and animal welfare issues. Costume idea:  Wear hiking clothes, including binoculars and a fanny pack.  Carry a stuffed animal monkey.
  3. Gandhi – led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence around the world. Costume Idea: Wrap yourself in white sheets, wear glasses. 
  4. Michael Phelps – he founded the Michael Phelps Foundation, which promotes healthy and active lives for children by providing them with opportunities to participate in swimming.  Costume Idea:  wear a swimsuit, a swim cap, goggles around your neck, and 18 “gold medals.” (You can buy them at a store that sells party favors.) 
  5. Susan B. Anthony – a leader in bringing women’s suffrage to the U.S. Costume Idea:  Wear a long black dress, put your hair in a bun, cut out a piece of paper and write “Votes for Women” on it.  Tape this "sash" to your dress.  
  6. Abraham Lincoln – this President of the U.S. helped end slavery.  Costume Idea:  Wear a black suit, bow tie, fake beard, and top hat.
  7. Taylor Swift – the country-pop star is active with many charities, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.  Costume Idea:  Wear a dress, cowboy boots, a blonde curly wig (alternatively, curl your hair), and if you have one, carry a guitar. 

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