Help Protect the Gift of Sight

teen with glasses

With 284 million people worldwide suffering from poor vision, there is a definite need for proper eyewear (and care). But, how many of us think about ways to promote longevity for those who do receive help?

If you just had a "duh" moment, know that you're not alone. And don't sweat it because Erick Henderson has got you covered. He’s the eyes behind Glasses Garb, which provides a protective case for the distributed eyewear.

“Without some sort of protection it is likely that the pair of glasses a person received could become damaged beyond repair,” said Henderson. “And without any full time eye clinics in the area they would no longer be able to use them.”

Together with his classmates at Illinois Wesleyan, the member has been working to help the people of Lamu, Kenya. Henderson says he’s open to new ideas about effective ways to provide eye care, while educating the youth in Lamu about how important our eyes are.

Get those creative juices flowing. Here’s what you can do: