How One Teen Helped Save His Dad's Life

There are 67 million American adults living with high blood pressure – that’s 1 in 3 people. High blood pressure puts you at risk for stroke and heart disease, the leading causes of death in the U.S. The good news: it’s also the most preventable.

This summer, take care of your dad by giving him the gift of a healthy heart! Sam Montgomery (a member) took part in our I Heart Dad campaign last year and weighed in on his experience below.  Check it out: How did your dad react when you asked him to go get his blood pressure checked?

Sam Montgomery: He was curious to why I cared about his blood pressure, but once I told him it was because I cared about his health, he was more than willing to take a minute out of his day to get it checked.

DS: Was it easy to convince him to go? Or did you have to use some special tactics?

SM: I told him I wanted to insure he was healthy and that it would only take a minute.

DS: Did you dad come back with a clean bill of health? What were your feelings on the results?

SM: He was, indeed, quite healthy, which made the both of us very pleased.

DS: What is your family doing now to stay healthy?

SM: We have really been working on our diet. Our kitchen is filled with more veggies and fruits, and I specifically have been working to go to the gym more and track my caloric intact.

DS: What were you overall thoughts on I Heart Dad?

SM: I thought it was an important, yet simple campaign.

DS: One year later, how has your dad’s blood pressure changed?

SM: He went in earlier today but he has not told me his results yet. I feel like it is now his responsibility to ensure his health will remain optimal.