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Why Matthew Perry Opened His Home to Substance Abusers

His personal battle with substance abuse and how he's now helping others.

Dream Big, Say Yes: Advice From Soledad O'Brien (@Soledad_OBrien)

Award-Winning Journalist, Soledad O'Brien is helping young women further their education.

One Direction Against Bullying

With school supplies, 1D + Office Depot are promoting kindness.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Launches Treatment Scholarship

The singer is giving back to those with mental health and addiction issues.

Sweetening Homeless Teens' Lives In Hollywood

"Sugar," movie to be premiered in September, redefines the word filmanthropy.

Q&A Exclusive: Kobe Bryant

The work he's doing with these teens, his recovery process and more!

Why Ben Affleck Is Living On $1.50 A Day

Learn how this star is bringing awareness to the Eastern Congo.

Quote of the Day: Bradley Cooper

Learn why this star is taking a stand for veterans.

Q&A Exclusive: Sanya Richards-Ross (@SanyaRichiRoss)

The Olympic gold medalist shares what she's doing for her favorite causes.

7 Celebrities Who Support Arts in Education

What they're doing to help.