Hurricane Sandy: 6 Months Later

It’s been 6 months since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the US, leaving a path of destruction. While it devastated both New York and New Jersey, it allowed thousands of jobs to be created in the area and gave residents a personal reason to get involved in their community. But, where do things stand now?

The Rockaways of Queens, NY was one of the areas hardest hit. There are homes and lives that are still completely destroyed because of it. The A Train, which is one of the main modes of transportation to and from the area, was heavily damaged. This has made the already long and stressful trip from The Rockaways to Manhattan, NY even longer.

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Many residents have to rebuild not only their homes, but their lives. Others have to worry about the extra expense of elevating their homes. New Jersey has implemented new elevation standards to flood zone areas that require residents to raise their homes based on updated Advisory Flood Elevation standards. You can find information about the standards for your area and getting the proper flood insurance here.

A number of schools are still damaged because of Sandy. The last New York City school to be closed because of the hurricane was opened in January, but there are still thousands of dollars in repair to be done. Many classrooms lack school supplies and technology for students. Not to mention that many of these students and parents are still displaced because of the storm.

To find out about ways to volunteer, you can go to New York Cares, The American Red Cross, among others.

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- Kori Williams is a NYC freelance writer, who loves music, food, and photography. Her favorite cause is Human Rights.


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