Funding Girls' Education One Cupcake At A Time

What if all it took to send a girl in a developing country to school and change her life, was baking and selling a few hundred cupcakes? Well, She’s the First is doing just that.

The nonprofit is working to raise money to sponsor girls’ education in developing countries through these cupcake sales. There are currently chapters at 83 schools in 11 different countries and the organization has sponsored the education of over 289 girls to date. The majority of the time, the girls they sponsor are the first of their family to go to and graduate secondary school. They wouldn’t have had the chance to get an education if it weren’t for the sponsorship.

And this week is their biggest week all year. It’s their Annual National Tie-Dye Cupcake Campaign! During the Tie-Dye Cupcake Campaign, chapters of She’s the First bake hundreds of cupcakes for a week long bake sale. The chapters sell the homemade, colorful cupcakes for only $1, so all it takes to sponsor a girl is 300 cupcakes. Last year, the campaign raised $28,000 and sent 52 girls to school.

Here’s hoping to send even more girls to school in 2013!

How can you get involved?

  • See if your high school, college or university has a chapter on campus. If it does, go to a meeting, or help them bake!

  • Consider starting a chapter at your school. Go here for more information about this.

  • Proudly sport one of their cupcake t-shirts to raise awareness about this fantastic organization. See them here!


Meet Lindsay Brown, who is super involved with She's the First! GO