Jillian Rose Reed is Stepping Out for Diabetes

Jillian Rose Reed, the star of MTV’s Awkward, is working to raise awareness about a cause that hits close to home: diabetes. This November, Jillian, a spokesperson for The American Diabetes Association (ADA), will take a stand at the Step Out walk in LA. (It's her third year speaking at the event!)

“I've been participating in the Step Out walk for a few years now!" She told us. "I've also done a few fundraising events to raise awareness about healthy living and the prevention/cure for diabetes”

This disease affects over 8 percent of the American population, including her big brother. According to Jillian, he is her inspiration for getting involved with the ADA. “When my older brother, Matthew was 18, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was a major struggle for him and my entire family. The ADA has helped Matthew so much, that I decided I wanted to get involved here in the LA chapter.”

Her time with the ADA has been really special and largely in part to the people she meets who are so incredibly passionate about this cause. 

"Every time I do the Step Out walk, I get to meet thousands of other people who have been affected by this disease. It's so great to be able to connect with a group of people who all want the same thing! The community of people who want to see Diabetes stopped is what keeps me coming back.”

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