Kids React to Gay Marriage

Two videos of marriage proposals posted on YouTube during the summer topped 12 million views (and counting!). Apart from the fact that they were incredibly romantic and creative proposals; one involving a flash-mob in Home Depot and the other a bus, they created a lot of controversy. What? Why? The couples proposing were both gay.

“I don’t get why anybody would be mad” was the reaction of one of the girls participating in the “Kids React” YouTube series.

The Fine Bros YouTube Channel strikes again this time capturing kids reactions to “Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal,” “Seattle + the Washington Bus + Jeanne + Alissa= wedding proposal,” and gay marriage in general.

Kids ranging between the ages of 7 and 13 watched the videos and this is what they had to say: “That’s what I want to see a lot. Gay and lesbian people shouldn’t be hiding!”

One of the girls in the video, also, sent a sweet and inspiring message to homosexuals: “You can always let your real self shine through, maybe eventually, someday the whole thing will be over and a gay couple can be together. Maybe someday people won’t have to worry about it and you might feel like you’ve done that actual good thing.”

And the conclusion we love the most:  “Even though that’s not my problem I would still fight for it if I can.”

Watch the complete episode and more kids’ reactions below:


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-Valeria Ricciulli is a proud Colombian and aspiring journalist who enjoys dancing salsa, watching romantic comedies, and helping others. Her favorite causes are physical and mental health and bullying.