Where Are All The Ladybugs?

Don’t you love spotting an adorable red ladybug when you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather? Well, this summertime tradition may soon be just a memory.

Nine-spotted ladybugs have become rare and scientists believe they are on the brink of extinction. (Yikes.) This is where the Lost Ladybug Project comes in. This project was established in 2000 to figure out why ladybugs have been disappearing.

It encourages people across the country to submit ladybugs and photos of ladybugs to see where certain species are found. Scientists then study the differences in the species and breed them.

They have three theories on why our little red friends are disappearing:

  1. Competition with invasive species of ladybugs
  2. Hybridization
  3. Climate change 

Ladybugs are crucial to the environment (not to mention super cute). Without ladybugs, we would need to use higher levels of pesticides. So not only do they help human health, these spotted bugs save us money and crops. 

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