Learned Something: Giving Tuesday

This week's learned something comes from Liz Eddy. She's in charge of all special projects here at DoSomething.

#GivingTuesday took place on November 27th, 2012 as the first ever national day that asked everyone to donate to the charities they love. The goal was to have a day of giving, to offset the day(s) of spending – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

At Do Something, we have some important guidelines:

  • You must be under 25
  • Our campaigns can't require money
  • A car
  • Or an adult

So how do we become involved in a major movement that is based around adults and asking for money? 

Enter: the Pop (and Mom) Quiz. We know young people are passionate and wired. The quiz asks teens to challenge their parents (and other old people) on how much they really know about teen culture, technology and trends.

The 5 question quiz comes with a little wager. For every question they get wrong, parents pledged a $10 donation to DoSomething.org. This quiz not only helped to support the clubs and campaigns (and more!) that teens care about, but it gave them an opportunity to discuss their volunteerism and passions with others. And young people did send adults to us!

The quiz page had 6,763 pageviews (5,825 unique pageviews) which is 8-10% more than any given Tuesday. While teens may not have the income to donate money to the organizations they love, they have the desire and the connectivity to support them in unexpected ways.

Through this process we realized that simply asking for money is not enough. We need to be able to give teens the opportunity to talk to adults about the causes they care about.

To date, 3,909 people took the quiz but less were inclined to donate. We learned that there needs to be a clearer path to donations, possibly by offering more incentives like Indiegogo or Kickstarter does.

Now we are looking forward. With over 2,000 partners in all 50 states, our role as a founding partner is only going to get bigger and better next year!

Want to take action today? Collect jeans for homeless teens. (It's their number one requested item.) GO