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How One Member Taught 15 Seniors Technology

The 411 on his Grandparents Gone Wired sessions.

Prayer Map for Victims of Newtown School Shooting

Messages of support from users like you.

Word Cloud of Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims

Prayers and well-wishes from over 50,000 members.

What Do You Call Your Grandparents?

See what 5,831 teens texted in.

This Teen Has Helped Clothe Over 4000 Families

Meet the Founder of the Angels of God Clothing Closet.

Paralysis and Natural Disasters: the 411

An interview with an expert.

‘I Never Expected to Survive’: Meet a Dating Abuse Advocate

1 in 3 teens experience relationship violence.

Featured Club: West Broward High School

How helping to collect over 1,500 pairs of jeans inspired this member.

Meet Two DoSomething Grant Winners

They knocked our speed pitching out of the park.

Teen Builds Soccer Fields In War-Torn Nations

How Kyle Weiss (foot)balled outrageous.