Featured Club: Unparagoned Models DoSomething.org Club

The members of Do Something Club Unparagoned Models have come up with a cool way to combine their talents for creativity and community service; putting on fashion shows for a cause! Club Leader Taavon Bazemore gave us the inside scoop on the club and its awesome achievements.

Who/what inspired you to create a DoSomething.org club?

There are many fashion groups and modeling troupes in the DMV but most of these organizations only focus on fashion and runway. We all have a love for fashion and runway but we also have a love for our community so we decided to use fashion shows to "DO SOMETHING" in our communities. We found DoSomething and we joined. It was awesome to see how empowering and encouraging DoSomething.org was about young people doing positive things in their communities. We wanted others to see that fashion and modeling could also be positive.

Tell us about the most awesome sauce campaign or project you ever completed?

In 2009 we created and completed a project for homeless youth in Baltimore MD. We hosted a fashion show with no budget and applied to Do Something for a grant. We were awarded a grant to start the project. We put on a fabulous fashion show and donated over 300 care packages to homeless youth in Baltimore. The care packages consisted of water bottles, clothes, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc. We donated to over five local shelters and were blessed to have a group of homeless youth who lived in a local shelter attend the event.

Tell us about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it?

We always face the challenge of getting people to believe in our cause. Sometimes people have no connection to the things others face and when you try to solicit and beg for their support or donations they don't buy into the idea. We overcame this with our suicide prevention show. Suicide seems to be a taboo issue in many communities, especially the African American community. However, when we invited the family of one of our friends who committed suicide to speak at our show, we were able to give real life information and emotions to the audience. Guess what - no one left the room without shedding a tear!!

Any advice for other students looking to start (or join) a DS club?

Do it!! If you have an idea or you would like to help someone, somewhere don't just sit around!! Get up and Do Something!!

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