Miss America 2014 is Making History!

Atlantic City was invaded last night by glitz, glamor, evening gowns and 53 young women competing for the title of Miss America 2014!

Miss New York Nina Davuluri walked away with the crown and the right to say she had made history. Not only is she the first Indian-American woman to be crowned Miss New York, but she's also the first to be crowned Miss America. Pretty amazeballs, right? 

We <3 this. We also love that Nina is a huge supporter of promoting good self and body image. During her time as Miss New York she spoke out about her past struggles with bulimia and has since done a lot to raise awareness and help other young people who struggle with eating disorders. Nina also stresses the importance of loving yourself – quirks and all. During the Q&A part of the night when she was asked her thoughts on cosmetic procedures, she answered: “I wouldn't want to change someone's looks. Be confident in who you are!”

7 Facts about the Miss America pageant:

  1. The first competition was held in 1921. This year was its 92nd anniversary.
  2. The Miss America Organization is a not-for-profit. Their purpose is to take steps to enable American women to reach their personal and professional aspirations.
  3. They help girls go to school. Last year the organization (at the national, state and local level combined) gave out $45 million in scholarships!
  4. More than 12,000 women participate in local and state competitions each year. And they’re all competing for the same thing. That’s some serious pressure.
  5. Miss America is a jetsetter. On average, she travels 20,000 miles a month traveling to different events and appearances.
  6. The pageant is the fourth longest running live broadcast event. The first live television broadcast was in 1954. 27 million people tuned in.
  7. There are 53 competitors even though the US only has 50 states. Along with representation from all 50 states, there is also a competitor hailing from the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Raise Awareness about Positive Self-Image! GO