Musicians Inspired by Teens

brooke and drew

We all have our favorite artists and songs that speak to us. Imagine these two things combined—think Bruno Mars writes a song about YOU.

One young person is working to make this happen for pediatric patients across the U.S. Leora Friedman, 19, grew up playing the guitar, singing, and writing songs with her sister Ariela. Together the two took their passion for music and created Music is Medicine, which looks to better society and help those in need.

“Music isn’t just a therapy for someone suffering from an illness; it can uplift anyone,” said Friedman, a grant winner.

One of its programs, Donate a Song Project, aims to do just that. It allows celeb artists to write and record a song for a sick young person. Amazing, right? Not only are these celebs doing good, but having a song written in your honor would put a smile on any face. (We have a huge grin just thinking about it.)

Emmy-nominated recording artist Drew Seeley was the first to take part in Donate a Song Project. He was paired with Brooke Shockley, a 14-year-old cancer patient. And a few (inspiring) Skype sessions later, “Fly” was created.

“The song blew me away,” recounted Friedman. “I could feel the emotions emanating from his voice, and I could sense how Brooke had genuinely inspired him. It was beautiful, and seeing them together showed me how this experience really had changed the both of them.”

What you can do?

  • Support music education and help pick the winner of the Battle for the Bands!