What These NYC Teens Have to Say About Gun Control

Devastation set in on December 14, 2012, when innocent lives were lost during a school shooting in Newtown, CT. But in the weeks following the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been a strong call for legislative changes to avoid similar tragedies. 

Among those taking a stand are four determined 8th graders from New York City. When assigned a social justice project, the teens initiated a civil activism movement around gun control. The resourceful group — known as Youth Demand — created an online petition to Washington, D.C. The petition demands a ban on assault weapons, tightening of the current gun laws, and stricter gun registration requirements, for an all-around safer country to live in.

“We don’t want to grow up in a war zone,” said one of the students, “it’s our future.” Youth Demand has the support of anti-gun violence organizations across America and is now asking for YOUR help.

Check out the awesome YouTube video by Youth Demand below and sign the petition to put an end to gun violence!

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