How Pope Francis is Changing the Catholic Church's Tone

The Catholic Church has always been an institution that stands firm in it's tradition – advocating strong ideas against gay marriage, abortion, birth control, and a slew of other issues. But with a new Pope, that tone is changing.

Pope Francis recently spoke about these issues in an interview and what he had to say was much different from Popes of the past. According to Francis, the Vatican has spent way too much time harping on controversial issues and the “small-minded rules.” In response to homosexuality, he’s said, “Who am I to judge?” Of course he’s not planning on changing the entire church overnight, or saying that he wants the church to be super liberal. But Francis is definitely taking steps to make things a little different and more open.

Another really great idea: instead of using his spotlight to focus on those "small-minded rules," he wants to use his power to help those who are less fortunate. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all working for, right?

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