Reasons to Save and Love Penguins


As the movies have taught us, all penguins want is some fish to eat, some land to play, and the freedom to tap dance to their hearts content (okay, maybe not the last one). Here are some reasons you should turn your love for penguins into action. 


  • Penguins have a ton of natural enemies from seals and sharks to killer whales and feral cats. Then of course, there are humans.
  • Penguin babies have a hard time reaching adulthood. Some species loose up to 50% of their chicks. We have to help the adorable baby penguins.
  • Climate change is threatening the environment that penguins depend on. Just another reason to go green.
  • There are only 5,000 yellow eyed penguins on the planet. That's the population of a large high school. It shouldn't be the population of an entire species. 


  • The smallest species of penguin is often called the fairy penguin. Even their names are cute.
  • This. And this.
  • Unlike many loner animals, penguins hang out in groups.
  • Emperor penguins are all about gender equality. The dads take care of the eggs while the mothers go in search of food.

What Can You Do?

Learn about the climate change  that can threaten penguins' habitats.

Watch a penguin movie to get inspired to take action.




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