Suburban Teens Go Homeless for a Night

There are over 1.7 million homeless teens in America. About ⅓ of all homeless people are under the age of 18. Crazy.

If you’ve never been homeless you can’t even imagine what those people experience. Meet some teens who are trying.

In Westchester, NY a group of high schoolers dubbed the “God Squad” slept outside their church to raise money and awareness for a local shelter. Welcome to the fifth annual SleepOut.

These suburbanites have warm beds and nice houses. But over the weekend, they huddled around a garbage-can fire when temperatures dropped into the 30s. They burrowed in sleeping bags on top of cardboard boxes and tried to sleep.

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For the $5000 they’ve raised, the sacrifice is worth it.

“It’s the personal experience you get,” 17-year-old Will Garandeau told “It’s definitely a lot tougher than you think. You take people like that for granted, like, ‘Oh, why don’t they just get a job,’ but it’s not that easy.”

The God Squad isn’t the only group “going homeless” this holiday season. Teens have taken similar action in Grand Junction, CO and Kansas City, MO. Also, check out these CEOs in Toronto.

Want to help the 1.7 million homeless youth? Easy. Just donate your old jeans. GO