Young People and Volunteering

Why do you volunteer? Is it because you're deeply passionate about a certain cause? Maybe your friend got you involved or it'll look good on your college resume? Whatever the reason we LOVE that young people are making such a huge impact globally, not to mention this is happening across a wide range of issues (think: discrimination, environment, homelessness and poverty, etc.).

We polled over 4,300 young people (the first national survey of its kind!) across the country because we wanted to know what makes them tick. What are the driving forces causing them to take action? The results were pretty amaze balls. Check out our top 11 results from The Index on Young People and Volunteering below!

  1. Having friends that volunteer regularly is the primary factor influencing a teen’s volunteering habits.
  2. 40 percent of young people who volunteered in 2011 did it with clubs, friends, family, or on their own. They didn't go through a traditional “organization.”
  3. Teens want volunteering to feel like a party – activities should be social.
  4. Over 70 percent of young people with friends who regularly volunteer also volunteer.
  5. The number one concern for students is paying for college. After that, it’s getting in.
  6. Young people want to volunteer with people their age, but not the same gender.
  7. Lack of time is the number one reason teens give for not volunteering.
  8. Many young people want to remain anonymous or help from a distance.
  9. For religious youth, volunteering habits aren't determined by the importance of religion in their life. Rather, by how frequently they attend religious events, including youth groups.
  10. Young people want volunteer opportunities that are close to home, but not at home.
  11. Short activities that allow for different levels of engagement are best (5 min vs. an hour vs. half a day).

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