Why These Teens Are Talkin' Sex In School

You can’t get pregnant if you’re standing up...right? Or what about if we do it in a pool full of chlorine, is that safe? And what’s this “Plan B?” Is that what happens when “plan a” fails? Here you are, full of questions. And here they (old people) are, leading today’s sex education classes. If only it wasn’t so awkward to ask these questions.

Wouldn’t it be great if talking sex ed was as simple as a conversation with your friends? Well, a group of Glenville, OH, high school students are doing just that. Given the alarming statistics of sexually transmitted infections in their neighborhood, these teens took matters into their own hands and are teaching their friends about sex and birth control. Even more amazeballs, these high-schoolers have been trained to do this! The Case Western Reserve University’s Infectious Disease Alliance trains them to provide their peers with correct, relevant and useful information. 
Of course, abstinence is the only method that is 100 percent effective at preventing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but if you are going to be sexually active it's smart to be informed.

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