Text Prayers from DoSomething Members

#Sandy cloud

Text SANDY to 38383 to send your message of support to the victims of the hurricane.


On Monday October 29th, DoSomething.org Members texted in over 20,000 messages of support for victims of hurricane Sandy. We created this awesome sauce word cloud from the responses and also posted some of the well-wishes below.

  • "I hope everyone is okay and those affected by it get the help they need and remember never to lose your faith in God. He never gives us more than we can handle."
  • "Be safe out there guys, I'll be sending prayers your way! <3"
  • "Stay inside!!! You are not a superhero, so don't try going against mother nature! She will win! Be patient & try not to stress out too much! Relax!"
  • "I hope that anyone affected by the storm stays safe and isn't injured, best of luck and love!"
  • "Everyone who was affected I hope that you are okay and safe I wish you the best."
  • "Hang in there guys. We're all praying for your safety."
  • "I hope and wish that the hurricane will end soon and I pray for all that was hurt or harmed by the sandy hurricane."
  • "Thanks for caring! Just stay inside unless its an extreme emergency. Keep bottled water and plenty on non-perishables close."
  • "Stay away from windows. Gather all necessary things needed to keep you safe in case you lose power. Always think positive and know everything is ok."
  • "Don't worry, everything will be okay. There are many individuals who want to and will help you. You don't have to face the challenge alone."
  • "I hope that everyone that is near Hurricane SANDY'S wrath is taking safety precautions and stays safe!"

And here's an interactive map of all the responses we received. (We <3 the support from everyone across the country!)

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