The Issue This Teen in Algeria is Also Fighting

Texting and driving is an issue that transcends borders – just ask our member from Oran, Algeria, 19-year-old Ali Cherif Kadhi. He’s not only sharing thumb socks, but also his knowledge to raise awareness on texting while driving. Ali has gotten his cousin and best friend to stop texting and driving and reduced their risk to get into a car accident. To try it yourself, read more about how Ali has made a difference below. Do you think texting and driving is a problem among your friends/family?

Ali Cherif Kadhi: It is a problem among my friends – so is the distraction that occurs any time you take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, and your mind off your primary task. My friends still don't know how dangerous distracted driving is. They forget or choose not to shut these devices off when they get behind the wheel. So far, texting is the most alarming distraction because it involves manual, visual, and cognitive distraction at the same instant.

DS: Before you signed up for Thumb Wars, how did you prevent your friends/family from texting and driving?

ACK: I tried to prevent my friends from texting and driving, by providing them some facts and have them discover tips on how to avoid texting while driving. For example, important facts like: “Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55 mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field.”

DS: Who did you give your thumb socks to and why?

ACK:  I shared my thumb socks with my best friend and my cousin. They couldn’t quit texting while driving and they had a habit of responding to their text right away. I gave them the thumb socks in hopes that it would preclude them from texting [and driving]. So,this has the added benefit of forcing them to focus on their surroundings, not the screen.

DS: Did it help them to stop texting and driving?

ACK: It totally helped to stop texting and driving. We decided to work on not being tempted, by turning of off our cell phones and to pull off the road safely and stop,  if we have to call or text while driving.

DS: Do you think Thumb Wars will have long term effects on their driving habits?

ACK: Thumb wars will definitely have long effects on their driving habits, since we are supporting our friends by letting them know you are working on breaking the texting habit. Besides,  thumb wars would protect them from distraction and help them build their self control, which is paramount. This idea of wearing thumb socks has helped them to take control of their cell phone and doesn’t let it control them. They are the only ones who decide when and if they send and read a text message.  

DS: Why should other people join Thumb Wars?

ACK: Thumb Wars is very supportive in helping others to stop texting and driving – to have a focal point and to increase driving concentration. Moreover, people should share knowledgeable ideas. This would help develop the prevention text messaging while driving and protect others from danger.

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