9 Tips for Running a Rockstar Teens for Jeans Drive

Want to run a Teens for Jeans drive, but now sure where to start? Don’t you fret! We’ve got you covered. Check out these 9 tips to help you get those jeans jeans jeans…

  1. Print out posters and plaster your school with them. You can even create small 4 x 5 inch flyers that can easily slide into lockers.
  2. Make an appointment with your principal to chat about Teens for Jeans. Let him/her know how motivated you are and why this cause is so amazeballs. Get him to make a daily announcement over your school’s PA system for a full week.
  3. Invite all club leaders in your school to a breakfast/lunch date to talk about details of your drive. Encouraging these leaders to participate will in turn get their members involved.
  4. Make a goal and keep your team motivated to reach it. Make it part of your marketing flyers: “Can we get 200 jeans by January 15th?” Being specific with numbers and dates will help you reach that number.
  5. Start a Facebook Photo Campaign! Make a Jeans Photo Booth at your drive. Take pictures of people and their jeans donation and encourage them to change their profile pictures to their jeans picture. You’ll get people talking.  
  6. Make a video PSA about your drive with your team. You can make it as funny or ridiculous as you would like, but make sure it’s something people want to see. You can use it to attract people to your drive when it’s in progress.
  7. Is there a game coming up at your school? Talk to the coach/players to have donated jeans as an entrance fee!
  8. Jeans for Homework? Talk to your teachers about doing that for your drive. One pair donated = extra credit.
  9. They give jeans, you give thanks! Create a spreadsheet with the names and contact info of everyone who donated. Email them with updates on where you are. Make it a point to recognize every single person who donated to your drive. Tweet a pic/ share a status about them. If you appreciate them, they will appreciate what you are trying to accomplish even more.

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