Top 11 Grossest Strategies for Saving Money

It’s been great seeing that everyone is eager to find ways to save money, but we really hope people don’t actually do some of the strategies listed on our next top 11. Here it is – the top 11 grossest strategies for saving money.


11. Eat only ketchup & crackers


10. Wear a dirty uniform to work


9. Take half-used toilet paper rolls


8. Clean your shoes with your toothbrush


7. Pluck out your mom’s gray hairs for money


6. Rub your mother’s feet


5. Eat toothpaste sandwiches


4. Shower once a week


3. Clean maggots off of canned tomatoes


2. Pee in pools (please don’t do this for everyone else’s sake!)


1. Don’t brush your teeth (Gross-dental hygiene is your friend!)