Top 11 Most Believed Strategies for Saving Money

A few of the submissions to the Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money gallery have been a little outrageous, but most have been great. You all have voted on what you believe to be true, and here they are: The Top 11 Most Believed Strategies for Saving Money.

11. Shop at only second-hand stores


10. Take the lotion from hotel rooms


9. Use only single-serving ketchup packets


8. Reuse butter containers at bowls


7. Tear out blank pages from old notebooks


6. Put only $5 in the gas tank at a time


5. Buy one cup of tea for free wifi


4. Buy things from the 99 Cent store


3. Hide money in your room & forget about  it


2. Put a piggy bank in your bathroom (539 of you believed this!)


1. Eat only noodles for a month (1373 of you believed this!)