Top 11 WORST Strategies for Saving Money

We've gotten a ton of great submissions (and we're only one week into the campaign) to the “Craziest Thing I Did To Save Money” gallery.  Some are really smart (i.e. assembling a bar of soap from scraps? Brilliant!), really crazy, or super weird.  Here’s our first Top 11 list: The least recommended money saving strategies.


11. Sharing toothbrushes


10. Stunts for very little payoff


9. Dumpster Diving


8. Stealing Cars to Get Candy


7. Moving to Kansas (No offense, Kansas)


6. Assembling Christmas trees from other people’s plants


5. Eating only bread and cheese


4. Eating other people’s garbage


3. Stowing away on a ship for a free ride


2. Freezing your credit cards


1. Reusable toilet paper.  Gross.