Top 5 Celebrity Movember ‘Staches


Movember: the month when men go mustachioed to raise over $125 million for prostate and testicular cancer. It ends tomorrow.

Many-a-celeb has grown a ‘stache for cash. So, before they go razor-crazy, check out our top 5 Movember mouth manes:

Nick Offerman (above): The Parks & Recreation star rocks perpetual face plumage. Now, he’s growing his mouth brow even manlier. He even two made hilariously hairy videos to support the cause. One offer tips on how to grow a ‘stache (i.e., eat a raw onion, don’t shave your upper lip). The other encourages Mo Bros who are slow to grow: “It gets fuller!” he says.

Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler: These quarterbacks are sporting quite the sporty ‘staches. Rodgers was last year’s MVP, but Cutler’s scruff ‘n ‘stache combo could make him Movember’s Valuable Player. So, what’s your choice: the not-so-bare Bear or the Lambeau Lip?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: The Rock began his career in the ring, clean-shaven. Then he grew a goatee for Fast Five. And now this. It’s like a 40-year-old not-quite-gray Santa Claus joined a biker gang. We say, rock on.

Siobhain Fletcher: OK, so it’s not a mustache. And she’s not a celebrity. But check it out: this English woman has a medical issue that causes her to grow facial hair. So, she used her condition towards the cause. She grew out her goatee and has raised nearly $1900. You go - er, mo - girl!

Brad Williams: Our DoSomething Video Producer is apparently doing his best Ned Flanders imitation this month. Sexy. But, hands off, ladies: this man (and his lip rug) is happily married. He grew the ‘stache for Movember, but it’s “grown” on him. Actually. He thinks he might keep it - and hopes his wife keeps him.

Fight cancer. Swab your cheek. No mustache necessary. GO