Why Everyone Is Talking About THIS Homecoming Crowning

Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a student at Marina High School in California, won the popular vote for homecoming queen and was crowned at their annual football game. So, what's the big deal? Most high schools have a homecoming court.

Well, Cassidy isn’t your typical homecoming queen. She was born biologically male, but identifies as a female. Cassidy is transgender and the last thing she expected was to win.

"Honestly, it was just so surreal. I couldn't believe it," she told Reuters. "I prepared myself not to win. When they said my name and I saw those balloons it just overtook me instantly and I dropped to the floor. It was ultimate joy."

Unfortunately, after Cassidy was crowned, she faced backlash from students who didn’t think she should have won. But she’s staying resilient and realizes that the comments are based on nothing but ignorance.

"I'm fine. I've had the time to look at the situation and evaluate it more," Cassidy told Reuters.

Her big win comes on the heels of another big step for transgender youth. Just last month California Governor Jerry Brown, signed a new law saying that transgender students can choose which bathroom they want to use based on their gender identity, instead of their biological gender.

This is HUGE for transgender people. For a community that's been largly overlooked, it's awesome to see some positive change! 

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